Book Review: “XL” by Scott Brown

As a sophomore, Will Daughtry is short. He’s not quite 5′ tall on his 16th birthday, and he’s quite sensitive about it (as you can imagine). He has a good relationship with his stepbrother Drew, star of the basketball team. Will’s also secretly in love with Monica, his best friend who completes their trio with Drew. Next thing you know, Drew and Monica are hooking up, and Will starts growing…. fast. His whole world changes with his newfound height, including his relationships.

There is quite a lot to like about this book. First, it is funny. Humor is not easy in books, and I was definitely laughing out loud in some scenes. Second, the vocabulary. This book will teach you a few new words, and that’s always a good thing. Third – the relationships. It isn’t usual to see a good relationship between step-siblings, and I liked that. The relationships are also difficult in the ways they change and in the ways they don’t. It is an interesting way to look at what power or control you may have in a relationship, and how that may affect it…. and what maybe you can do when you recognize it.

As much as I enjoyed the book, I really wanted to like it more and I really can’t put my finger on what is holding me back. Helpful, right? I’m not sorry I read it though, if that helps.

  • XL
  • by Scott Brown
  • Knopf for Young Readers, 2019
  • 320 pages
  • Source: publisher ARC

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