Book review: “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang

Stella is feeling the pressure from her mother, and loathes the dates that are set up for her. Being autistic means that Stella finds comfort in her regular routines, her work, and not feeling uncomfortable by meeting new people or being in new situations. She’s not a virgin, but doesn’t feel like she’s ever had a boyfriend and thinks the bad sex was due to her difficulty reading cues and not enjoying being touched. She decides to take matters into her own control, and hires a male escort, Michael, to “teach” her the good things about sex. And he’s a phenomenal teacher… not knowing Stella’s diagnosis, but understanding her needs make him the perfect partner. His family history and the fact she’s paying for a relationship complicates matters when they both separately figure out that they’ve fallen for the other.

This book was on nearly every professional “Best of 2018” book list I came across for work, and then more than a couple friends gushed so much about this book that I had to read it. And I did – in about a day. I loved this twist on Pretty Woman – a movie I just recently rewatched actually. This was a different spin on a romance book – with a neurodiverse main character and written by an author with the same neurodiversity – but it still fits the same dreamy fairy tale tropes. And let’s not forget about the hotness of it all – it definitely turns up the heat in the best ways.

I cannot wait for her next book, The Bride Test due this spring.

  • The Kiss Quotient
  • by Helen Hoang
  • Berkley, 2018
  • 317 pages
  • Source: Library

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