Book Review: “Starry Eyes” by Jenn Bennett

I am such a fan of Jenn Bennett’s contemporary romances! She is so fun and her characters are usually the best. I typically fall in love with all of them. Zorie and Lennon are no exception.

Formerly best friends, yet enemies since Homecoming went all wrong, Zorie and Lennon find themselves stranded in the middle of the woods – the rest of their camping companions having abandoned them after a fight. Lennon knows what he’s doing, but this isn’t going according to Zorie’s plan, and Zorie is all about her plans. This forced alone time gives them a chance to talk again though… remember why they were best friends before and figure out what went wrong.

I love camping – so this setting appealed to me as a super bonus. I also enjoy the trope of friends turned enemies turn romance too, so I was all over this book. I pretty much inhaled the thing, and instead of donating it to my library like I usually do… I think I’m hanging on for a bit, in case I have to read it again for a book-cuddling emergency. Gosh, the banter! The maps drawn by Lennon! Zorie’s awesome stepmom and Lennon’s fantastic sex-toy shop owning moms! So much goodness in this book!!

I could do without the snake though. 🙂

  • Starry Eyes
  • by Jenn Bennett
  • Simon Pulse, 2018
  • 421 pages
  • Source: Purchased

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