Book Review: “Laugh Out Loud” by James Patterson

Here’s the thing. I haven’t read a James Patterson book in decades. I’m not even sure which one I’ve read… I’m just not one of his readers. And that’s okay. I cannot and will not discount what he means to his readers – people love him. Adults, and kids. My son LOVES his middle grade series. He has actually outgrown some of them, but continues to reread them for the humor. I love that.

So, when I was at ALA in 2017, I picked up a galley of this book for him. He loved it. Read it twice right in a row. And he asked me to read it too… but he asked when I was overwhelmed with Morris Award reading and sorting myself out with that. My very clever kid understood and the day after I returned from Seattle this January he asked if I was busy with books I had to read now. I told him the truth – I could read whatever I wanted right now… and he whips this book out from behind his back and asked me to read it. How could I not? I read it that day.

I can see why he loves it – it is just his kind of humor! Pretty cool illustrations too. This story is all about how little Jimmy Patterson worked hard to start his own book company to make books for kids. He has fantastical ideas, great friends to support his dream, and a parents and teachers who push back. He also title-drops some great books that got me asking my kid if he wanted to read any of them…. He said he’ll have to read the book again to see. That’s my boy.

  • Laugh Out Loud
  • by James Patterson
  • jimmy patterson, 2017
  • 304 pages
  • Source: ARC from publisher

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