Book Review: “Emmy & Oliver” by Robin Benway

Ten years ago, Oliver’s father picked him up from school for the long weekend.  After all, it was his weekend for visitation.  But Oliver never came home.  No one could find any trace of him or his father.  Emmy, Oliver’s best friend and next door neighbor was devastated as were Caro and Drew.  The four of them were super tight… and now there were only three.  A huge hole always existed where Oliver was supposed to be, where he would fit just as soon as he was found and came back home.  Then one day, they get the call.  Oliver has been found.  But will they still be friends?  Will he remember Emmy?  Ten years is a really long time.

I think I had actually purchased this book not long after it was published, and for whatever reason… I kept passing it over on my shelf.  WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?  And because I was actually pretty sick when I finally did read it – I didn’t even read the hardcover that had been so patiently waiting for me.  I downloaded an ecopy from the library instead because my Kindle was easier for me to hold at the time.

I loved this story and how Emmy & Oliver reconnect.  They are adorable, separate and together, and you just want the best for them.  Caro and Drew are fantastic as well, and the friendship bonds between these characters are strong.  I really loved the dialogue between them.  It helped me be okay with the fact that they would be separated in college next year (if they went), as you know they’ll still be friends no matter what.

I’m not going to say that there wasn’t some plot holes in this story… like how did Oliver’s Dad stay hidden?  Like, how was he not tracked financially?  (Credit cards, taxes, etc. as I’m sure he had to work to afford a place for them to live!)  But I won’t dwell on that.  This was just the perfect romance that got me through a tough day when I was not feeling all that great.


Emmy & Oliver

by Robin Benway

HarperTeen, 2015

343 pages

Source:  Purchased

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