Number Crunching 2017 Reading Stats

Here we are, the second day of 2018, and I’m already letting this blog slide – at least mentally.  I thought it would be harder to let go of posting regularly, and not posting reviews of everything I read – but quite frankly – I’ve finished 2 books in the past week, and I don’t even care that I haven’t written about them.  I almost wasn’t going to at all…  but I’ll do it after this.

Anyway, looks like I have more soul searching to do regarding this blog.  I’m coming up on 8 years…  I don’t know.


I totaled up all my reading stats for 2017, to see how my reading patterns naturally fell over the course of a year.  I didn’t make any extra effort in any direction – just read what interested me.  I was particularly interested in how I read female authors, POC authors or MAIN characters, Non-Fiction, and LGBTQ authors or MAIN characters.  Here’s what happened:

I read 120 books (33,762 pages).

82 or 68.3% were by female authors.

36 or 30% were by POC authors or featured POC main characters.

29 or 24.2% were non-fiction books.

15 or 12.5% were by LGBTQ authors or featured LGBTQ main characters.


I’ll start with the easy:  I’m perfectly happy with about a quarter of my reading being nonfiction.  I’m happy that I read more female authors, and while 68% is a great number – I honestly thought it was going to be a higher percentage.  I feel that 30% POC unfortunately feels accurate, but I want to increase that significantly.  I am truly surprised at how low LGBTQ really was.  That is eye opening to me, and I guess was the point of doing this in the first place.

The problem now is that I will have little to no control over what I’m reading for most of this year.   (See this post for more info on why).  BUT I will be reading all (or most of – not sure how this works just yet) so I will be curious to see how that changes my stats for next year.  If I do this again (not this year, but maybe next) I really should do a 6 month check-in, so that I can make adjustments as needed.


5 thoughts on “Number Crunching 2017 Reading Stats

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  1. I’m hoping that 25% or more of my reading is non-fiction this year – I’ve read so little of it in previous years but loved it towards the end of last year. Have fun with your 2018 reading!


  2. The funny thing about LGBT authors is that you don’t necessarily know they’re LGBT or they don’t necessarily broadcast it – it’s hit or miss so your numbers could be higher 😀 Looks like a pretty diverse year! Also you should link to the Morris Awards post – I was like WTF is going on that you can’t blog this year and was very sad, but it’s an AWESOME opportunitY!


    1. This is probably very true, I hadn’t considered that. I certainly don’t go through and investigate the lives of each author – and they certainly don’t need to advertise their personal lives as part of their professional life. Thank you for for that.

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