Book Review: “Mrs. Fletcher” by Tom Perrotta

Eve’s son Brendan is off to college, and she’s feeling like this might be a good time for her own fresh start as well.  She takes a class at the community college to meet people and expand her mind, she goes out to eat alone, and she starts to explore her own sexuality – which leads to a little bit of a porn problem.  Meanwhile, Brendan is realizing that college is a little more than he expected.  He’s not used to being the little fish in a big pond – especially now that the people around him are challenging him.

The supporting cast really helps bring this story around:  you’ve got Amanda, Eve’s employee (who Eve is crushing on a little bit, and doesn’t know what that means) who has moved back to this little town after a breakup with her boyfriend in the city.  Julian, a former classmate of Brendan’s – not that they got along – who is in Eve’s class and is totally infatuated with her.  And Amanda.  Margo, the transwoman professor teaching the class who has already transitioned – making her own fresh start, but constantly having to defend herself and her happiness.

This was, all around, a slightly humorous look at making that fresh start for yourself.  Depending on the choices you make now, you really don’t know where these new roads and opportunities are going to take you.  Will it always work out?  Nope.  Is there real risk involved?  Absolutely.  But opening yourself up to new experiences – that’s priceless.   I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this novel, and I found it quite fun to read.


Mrs. Fletcher

by Tom Perrotta

Scribner, 2017

307 pages

Source:  Galley from publisher (ALA)

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