Reading Plans for 2018 & the Morris Award

I very recently received some tremendous news:  I will be on the 2019 Morris Award Committee!  I am super excited about this and can’t wait to get started.

The Morris Award is a book award given to the Best YA Debut of the year, with 4 finalist books.  It is administered by YALSA, a division of the American Library Association.  The committee is made up of 9 members, and we will be reading all the YA debuts next year.  We will meet in person at ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans in June 2018 and again at the MidWinter Meetings in Seattle in January 2019 where the winners will be announced alongside the Newbery, the Caldecott, the Printz, and all the other fine Youth Media Awards.

So this does mean a couple things will change for me, especially where it comes to this blog.  First:  I will not be discussing any book that could possibly be in contention.  Not here, not on Twitter, and not on GoodReads.  The best you’ll get is if you happen to actually see me with a book in my hand.  I will be tracking all of my reading offline first and foremost for the committee work and perhaps after it is all over – I’ll talk about some of the books (or at least list them in GoodReads).  So this blog will become quite quiet for most of next year.  I’ll do what I can to talk about the books I read for my library book group..  if I still have time to read for that book group… and I’m not really sure what else.

So, second: This is the time of year when I usually try to develop loose reading plans for the coming year.  I did already sign up for the TBR Challenge, and I always have the Classics Club and now the Reading All Around the World Challenges going…  but I’m not going to have much choice in what I’m reading for most of next year.  At least I think I won’t.  I’m really not sure how many books I will end up reading.  I spoke with a friend who working on this committee before, and she thought she read 60-70 books.  If that is the case, I should be able to fit in other books too.  But I can’t count on it.  I think I’m just going to have to play this by ear.  I’ll still fill out by 2018 Challenges page, and maybe I’ll just use codes if they are books that are in contention for the award.  Maybe not.  But I kind of like that idea.

But, first – YAY!  I really am so excited!

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  1. This is awesome! I had to search to find out what was taking you away from blogging because you didn’t link to it in your recap and I’ve been behind on blogs for various reasons! I’m very jealous but can’t wait to hear about the process. You should keep a journal and share what you can afterward!


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