#RIPXII Wrap-up

Guess what?  This year, I managed to not do what I planned to do for #RIPXII, and instead did something a little different.  I originally planned to read 4 books, and was toying with the idea of the group read and maybe a movie or two.

So I did what I was toying with and not really what I set out to do.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.

I did read the group read:  Slade House by David Mitchell, even though I didn’t participate in any group discussion.  I also read Strange Weather by Joe Hill – which was excellent – and I reread Lord of the Flies by William Golding which I’ll include here as it was more frightening than I remembered.  I’ve also watched a ton of  Stranger Things on Netflix because it is awesome.  I’m more than halfway through the new season, but my kids have decided that they do want to watch it now – so we’re starting over from the beginning.

I feel like there might have been more, but I didn’t keep track very well.  Looking back on it all now though, I am kind of impressed that I really did as much as I did!  I’m still in the mood, and I think I’ll keep working the creepy and scary into my winter reading as well.

Hope you all enjoyed your #RIPXII experience as well!

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