Book Review: “Slade House” by David Mitchell

The entrance to Slade House is located down a nearly hidden alley way in a dodgy side of town.  It is a small black iron door that only appears to the right person, and only for one day every nine years.  When that right person finds themselves at the door, and the right person always does, the door will open and allow them in…  but they never leave.

This is the Group Read for this #RIPXII this year, otherwise I’m not sure I would have ever picked it up.  I remember it being popular at my library when it came out, but I never really knew what it was about.  So, yeah, I definitely liked it.  A lot.

Mitchell has crafted a great way to tell this unusual story.  There are 5 chapters, and each chapter is like an episode with a complete story arc.   When the chapters are brought together, you understand the story of Slade House.  Each chapter has a different narrator, which is almost cruel.  Because you start to see that each narrator is the next “guest” of Slade House, the one brought in and will never leave.  I was rooting SO HARD for each narrator!  Well, except toward the end.  I finally learned my lesson I guess.

Altogether, this is a super creepy story that is beyond just a “haunted house”.  It is such a perfect book to read in the fall.


SPOILERS HERE:::::However, I do have to say this – and disagree with me here as much as you want – I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending.  Well, not the very final act – that is just messed up and I loved that.  But how the house finally came around to be destroyed.  This character and the way it came about kind of felt like a cop out.  There was so much that was not really explained.  I was talking to a colleague about this though, and she mentioned that that character is from The Bone Clocks, and that this book is set in that world.  So maybe it was just supposed to be understood?  Maybe fans, or at least those who had read The Bone Clocks were super excited to see this character show up and take care of business?  I have no idea.  But it made me wonder…  I still liked the book, and the story was amazing, but I just had to get this out there and maybe someone can walk me through it, because I’m not sure that I’ll be reading Bone Clocks just to get the full understanding of this book.  And also, I could be completely wrong about all of this.


Slade House

by David Mitchell

Random House, 2015

238 pages

Source:  Library

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