Joining up with R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril XII (#RIPXII)

I’ve only participated in one RIP event before, and I am so glad to join up again!  This is now hosted by and, and that’s where you can go to sign up as well.  So what are you signing up for?  It’s not really a challenge (unless you want to make it a challenge for yourself) but more of a celebration.  It’s all about reading and having fun, and enjoying the dark fall kind of books and movies.  This would include mysteries, horror, gothic, dark fantasy… you get the idea.  There are clever “levels of peril” that you can “sign up” for, but it’s really all up to you and what you’d like to make of it.

Personally, I don’t read enough of this kind of book, even though I almost always enjoy it.  I have an advanced copy of Joe Hill’s latest Strange Weather, and there is some Shirley Jackson out there that I’d like to read as well.  And I do have another Agatha Christie in my TBR pile…  so I’d like to try for Peril the First, which is reading four books.  I may also go for Peril of the Screen (watching spooky movies) and I’m also considering the Peril of the Group read which is Slade House by David Mitchell.

If this sounds like fun to you too, just go to either of the host’s links above and sign up.  Be sure to follow #ripxii on all the social media platforms too!  It all starts today and ends on Halloween. Have fun!



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