Book Review: “Royally Matched” by Emma Chase

As you’ll remember from the first book in the series, Royally Screwed, Prince Henry has just been put in the position of heir to the throne of Wessco after his big brother abdicated for love.  Henry has always been a wild child, not one for responsibilities, and he hasn’t really changed given the new circumstances of his life.  So what does he do?  He agrees to be part of a royal-edition reality TV show – to find his (possible) future queen.  Lady Sarah has also agreed to be part of this show, but not as an actual contestant.  She’s only there because it’s the only way her mother would allow her younger sister, a party girl who could use some supervision sometimes, to participate.  Of course it’ll be Sarah that captures Prince Henry’s eye…  but that isn’t the way the TV show is supposed to go.  And who expects truth in a reality TV show?

So I guess I never posted anything about that first book, which is a shame because it was so much fun to read!  It certainly got me to download this one and the next in the series.  ANYWAY,  here we see Prince Henry (who lets face it, is totally a dramatization of Prince Harry) acting all impulsively and with his libido as his guide.  He has this outward demeanor that goes right away when Sarah challenges him.  She gets to the deeper side of him, gets him to talk about the things that matter and they connect, obviously.  I don’t think anyone is really guessing at what happens between these two.  But the story is really a lot of fun.  The sex scenes are steamy, of course, and given the dual narration, we see how each of them are feeling about what is happening between them.

Also, Sarah is a librarian and is a girl I think many of us can cheer for (even if your name isn’t Sarah).  She is in love with Jane Austen, and picks her room in the castle because it has a reading nook.  So fun!

So, yes, predictable but not shallow.  It gets a little deeper in some places that I didn’t expect; visits some dark themes and does so carefully and with sensitivity.  I do already have book 3 waiting for me but I don’t think I’ll jump right to it.  I’m going to save it for the next time I need a fun little escape.


Royally Matched

by Emma Chase

Emma Chase LLC, 2017

275 pages

Source: Purchased


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