Book Review: “Always and Forever, Lara Jean” by Jenny Han

What a fitting conclusion to a great contemporary YA romance series.

Lara Jean and Peter are back together (as they should be), enjoying the end of high school, and very worried about what comes next.  Peter had been accepted to UVA on an athletic scholarship, but Lara Jean didn’t get in.  Not even waitlisted.  She’s heartbroken and decides that the next best school will be “good enough” until she can transfer in to UVA sophomore year.  She and Peter hang on to this plan whole-heartedly…. until another option surprises Lara Jean and has the potential to change everything.

Even though I didn’t like Lara Jean the entire time, the ending of this book is everything.  Peter is such an awesome character – all boyfriends should try to be a little like him.  All of these uneasy feelings about Lara Jean & Peter’s future are set against the secondary story line – that Lara Jean’s father is getting remarried.  He and Trina and certain about their future, and it creates a nice counterbalance to Lara Jean and Peter.

I think this also does a nice job of capturing those end-of-high school feelings.  The last time you clean out your locker, saying goodbye to favorite teachers, prom, that last party with friends and other classmates that you didn’t really know very well but everyone gets along because this might be the last time you see each other, etc.  It is such an exciting time in your life!  I appreciate that not everyone had college in their immediate future, but everyone had something.


Always and Forever, Lara Jean

by Jenny Han

Simon and Schuster, 2017

326 pages

Series:  To all the Boys #3

Source: Library

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