Graphic Novel Review: “Boundless” by Jillian Tamaki

I actually finished this graphic novel last night and returned it to the library this morning, thinking that I wouldn’t write a post about it.  You can see just how well that went.  I want to write about this book because I hope that maybe it will catch the attention of someone else out there…

This graphic novel is really a collection of short graphic stories.  If I had to name a common theme that flows through the collection, I’d have to say that it is looking at the way we internalize our connections to the outside world… or at least our perceptions of those connections.  There is one story of a girl who becomes obsessed with the “mirror Facebook account” that appears for her.  There is a story of a woman who shrinks into nothing/everything.  There is one person who follows the path of her life as it compares to the lives of the stars in an old cult film.

The art is incredible.  I first caught on to Tamaki’s illustrations in the graphic novel This One Summer.  The style and colors – and even the orientation – changes from story to story, reflecting the tone perfectly.



by Jillian Tamaki

Drawn & Quarterly, 2017

248 pages

Source:  Library



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