Joining up with Austen in August

Roof Beam Reader is hosting “Austen in August” again this year.  I’ve done it before, but not consistently, and I always feel bad when I don’t participate.  Now that I’ve been looking at my gorgeous copy of Persuasion languishing on my bookshelf for a couple years now…  I’m in.  I promised I’d do it if he hosted it again, and I mean what I say.  So this August, I’m going to *finally* read Persuasion.  Also, I have a contemporary reimagining or spin off from Pride and Prejudice that might be fun to read this month too.

Is there something by Austen that you’ve been looking forward to reading?  Or maybe you’d like to revisit a favorite?  Then you may want to join in this event as well.  There are always great posts, conversation on Twitter with the #AusteninAugustRBR, and prizes to be won.  Just click through to THIS POST for all the pertinent information and to sign up.  Let me know if you’re joining too!

One thought on “Joining up with Austen in August

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  1. Yahoo! I’m glad you’re joining. I’m reading Northanger Abbey (again!) and I really wanted to read the Jane Austen Rebel biography (the actual title/author is escaping me right now and I’ve already got too many browser tabs open to bother searching) but, with the big move coming up mid-August, I gotta be real. It’s not gonna happen. 😀


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