Book Review: "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott

Yeah, I know.  It is a little ridiculous that I hadn’t read this before now.  But at least I have finally rectified that situation.  I do remember having an abridged illustrated edition of this story when I was a child… but all I ever remembered was that Beth got sick and Dad came home.

Obviously there is much more than that to the story.  It is the story of the March sisters:  Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.  They each have their own distinct personalities which work together for the family.  The book opens at Christmas with Marmee as Father is off fighting in the war.  They are not a wealthy family, but they are happy and loving.  The book covers the next 15 or so years of their lives – proposals, marriages, death, and more.

It is a sweet story, and I see why it is considered appropriate for younger audiences (though I think the page count would be a turn off).  It is a little preachy in parts and is overly sweet and full of happy endings, but it was written for children so I get it.  For me, I did find it quite adorable and I was enamored with the writing.  It is quite a beauty of a novel, and I’m glad I finally read it.  My parting thoughts:  I can’t tell you how sad Beth made me and also I still think Jo and Laurie should have gotten together.  So now maybe I’ll watch the movie.  I’ve been told the one with Winona Ryder is good?

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott
Barnes & Noble Classics, 2004.  First Published 1868.
489 pages
Source:  Purchased


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