Book Reviews: The "Anna and the French Kiss" trilogy by Stephanie Perkins

Ok, so I can’t get the spacing right on those covers.  Whatever.

I decided to kick off 2017 by rereading this series.  I had actually purchased these paperbacks some time ago (I mean, they are beautiful, right?) but I had never actually read these copies.  So I did.

This was my third or fourth time reading Anna, but my second time around with Lola and Isla.  I need to admit that I somehow had it in my brain that Lola was somehow way beneath the other two..  but after reading again, that isn’t the case.  All three are really really good.  I love the romance, and the characters, and the settings – ohmygod the settings – but there’s more to it than that.

Spoilers galore here folks – I’m not censoring myself.

Anna – I really loved how she put herself out there for St. Clair.  The whole scene of her birthday when she asks him “Why haven’t you broken up with her?” just kills me with the raw emotion and honesty of it.  She stands up for herself and what she believes they can be.  And while St. Clair STILL plays the indecisive card, we know how it ends and yay.

Lola – I am never ever going to like the name Cricket.  I’m sorry, but I’m not.  And Calliope is tough too, but easier than Cricket.  But I love Lola.  I love her dads, her best friend Lindsey (even though Lola is not the bestest friend sometimes), I love that she works with Anna and St. Clair, and I love that she doesn’t just go for it with Cricket right away.  She works on herself, on “earning him” as she says.  Yes, she might take a little too long, but I really appreciated that she took that time for herself and didn’t go straight from Max to Cricket.

Isla – When we got a glimpse of her in the first book, I thought she might have been kind of meek, but nope.  She does need to work a little on her self-doubts but that is what she does here.  She has crushed on Josh for the longest time and I love them together.  I really love them together.  I usually have more thoughts on them, but I just finished the book and my head is just swirling with little hearts right now.  Sorry.

Also, I didn’t realize the first time I read these books that Lola and Isla kind of take place at pretty much the same time.  I had read them farther apart last time, and it just didn’t click for me originally.  Not completely, anyway.

So, yeah, still a fan.


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