Book Review: "Catching Jordan" by Miranda Kenneally

All the hard work and practice is finally paying off.  It’s senior year and football captain and quarterback Jordan Woods is ready to lead the team to the State Championship, and hopefully land herself a spot on her dream collegiate team – Alabama.  Yes, you read that right – herself.  Jordan is, in fact, a girl.  And she has earned her position on the team and the respect of her coach a teammates…  teammates who are also her best friends.  They all have her back when gorgeous Ty Green shows up on the field – a new transfer student from Texas who also happens to be a great quarterback.  Jordan is instantly attracted to Ty, something she has never felt or dealt with before.  She’s got to get it under control before it affects her plays on the field, her future with Alabama, and her friendships with her teammates.

I think I may have a little bit of a problem…  and I totally brought this onto myself.  You see, I read Kenneally’s Breathe, Annie, Breathe and loved it.  I knew that it fit into this Hundred Oaks series of books, being the most recent, but thought that it didn’t matter which order the books were read.  And honestly, it really doesn’t – unless you are a bit of a freak like me.  Reading this book, I kept trying to remember characters and relationships of people who hardly appeared  in Annie, even though it doesn’t really matter.  I finally allowed myself to let the crazy go by assuring myself that I was going to read all of the books in this series, in order – and probably re-read Annie again too.  Because the thing is, these books are fun and cute and I like that every once in a while (or more often than that sounds).  Who knows – maybe there will be another installment by the time I actually get to do this?

So, going the long way around to it, I really had fun with this book.  Jordan is so confident and controlled at times and so adorkably awkward in others that I just want to hug her and make her my friend.  There is one scene that takes place in a Home Ec. class with Jordan and her super-best friend Sam in which I was crying from laughing so hard!  I really enjoyed this, and am looking forward to more from Hundred Oaks!

Catching Jordan
by Miranda Kenneally
Sourcebooks Fire, 2011
283 pages
Series:  Hundred Oaks #1
Source:  Purchased New

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