Graphic Novel Review: "Tomboy" by Liz Prince

Liz is born female, but it was clear very early on that she was definitely not a girly-girl who loved to play princess and wear pink everything all the time.  Or ever.  This is her memoir of growing up as a tomboy, and how she dealt with the bullying, the gender identity confusion, and everything else that comes along with just growing up.

The first thing I quickly realized was that this memoir was something I could easily relate to.  I did not have the same experience as Liz, but I always have found it easier to be friends with boys, and though I was never an athlete – I enjoyed playing kickball and getting dirty on the playground with the boys as opposed to sitting around on the swings with the girls at recess.  I just didn’t have much in common with the girls and never (to this day) understood the cliques and social rules that came with the girl culture in my elementary schools.  To this day, I far prefer jeans and funky sneakers to dressing up and I very rarely wear make up.  But I really don’t mind dressing up and do have a skirt or dress or two in my closet and do actually own makeup for special occasions.  I definitely was never bullied in the ways that Liz was, and I never questioned my gender identity.  But I think that she makes an excellent point of highlighting that it wasn’t so much of being a girl that she didn’t like, but more that she was always fundamentally opposed to the way that society and cultural “norms” defined what being a girl is supposed to look and act like.

I love that she drew her story out in a graphic novel.  I mean, it makes sense as that is her interest and all, but I love that this story is available to others in this format.  I cannot wait to add this into my library collection for teens!

by Liz Prince
Zest Books, 2014
256 pages
Source:  Purchased New

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