Book Review: "Better off Friends" by Elizabeth Eulberg

For Levi and Macallan, it was practically best friendship at first sight.  He was the new kid at school, she – the smart girl asked by the principal to show him around.   And this is the story of the first five years of that friendship – all the ups and downs, the girlfriends and boyfriends, the laughs and cries and drama.  But especially it is the story of how they each question their friendship and wonder if they really are better off as friends – or if they should risk it on the chance for something more?

Macallan was an interesting main character for me.  When we first meet her, she is this young girl – but her history makes her wiser than her eleven years.  Yet, she isn’t this little meek thing either….  she’s smart, determined, and loyal.  As she matures, she is also fights fiercely on behalf of those who need her support.  I really liked that about her.  Levi also hooked me in – he was a really nice guy with all those fish out of water vulnerabilities and insecurities.  As he matures, he gets a little confused with his priorities and becomes very deserving of a dope slap or two…  but I think we’ve all been there too.

So, can a guy and a girl be just friends?  Best friends even?  That’s where this book goes, and its theme is pretty much When Harry Met Sally… but for today’s teens.  I love that movie, and I think this book was a nice reworking of the theme.  It ends up being a quick, light read with some pretty cute moments.  It was exactly the right thing for me to read right now.  I don’t want to make it out to be anything more than it is – it isn’t the kind of book to blow your mind or whatever, but its nice and cute and perfect if you want a little “awww” in your life.

Better off Friends
by Elizabeth Eulberg
Point, 2014
278 pages
Source:  Publisher for honest review

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