Book Review: "Skeleton Creek" by Partick Carman

Read Ryan’s journal as he talks about what happened two weeks ago, and about what’s happening now.  Two weeks ago, he and his best friend Sarah were just doing what they normally do in their very small town – he was writing and she was filming all the weird things that they’ve noticed in town.  They have started to investigate the town’s history, and are surprised by the warnings they get from all directions.  Warnings that only make them more curious of course…. until that night, when the accident occurs.  Ryan and Sarah are forbidden to see or talk to each other while Ryan heals, but they must discover the truth of that night and of the town itself.

This was really a fun and creepy read, with a little twist.  Throughout the story, Sarah sends Ryan videos of what she sees and learns as he is laid up in his room, and the reader is given a website and different passwords in order to see the videos too.  The videos serve to move the plot along, though the text tries to keep those without access up to date.  The videos are mostly creepy, and I will admit to jumping from one of them!  Some of them are a little, um, laughable but its okay.  It is a new experience for reading the book.  I mostly loved it, but there were times when I was really wrapped up in the story that I was annoyed to have to put the book down and pick up the tablet.  As far as the whole book goes, though, I did have fun with it and will likely continue on in the series when I get a chance.

The whole idea of it all really gets me thinking though about the future of books.  I would love to know if the e-version of this book has the videos embedded.  That would lessen some of my trivial annoyance.  But I’m really wondering about those who would like to read this book, but do not have easy access to the internet.  The final scenes of the book – and it is a huge cliffhanger – are only on the video… so someone reading without internet access would be completely lost and most likely incredibly frustrated.  Have you read books like this – where the online content is really part of the book, and not just additional periphery information?  What do you think about it?
Skeleton Creek
by Patrick Carman
Scholastic, 2009
186 pages
Series:  Skeleton Creek #1
Source:  Library
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