Book Review: "Please Bury Me in the Library" by J. Patrick Lewis

April is National Poetry Month, so I thought I’d kick off the month with a collection of poetry for children that I happened upon while browsing this section of our library.  Now I’m the first to admit that I am absolutely no expert on poetry.  (I’m not really an expert on anything literature related.)  But I read to enjoy.  That is all I can talk about…  I don’t have any reason to think I can look at any poetry critically beyond the pleasure of reading, so that is all I’m going to do here.

This is a fun collection of sixteen whimsical poems (yes, the “Acknowledgements” is a poem too!) that would be fun to read aloud with a child.  I’m kind of thinking of trying to work one or two of these poems into a story time at the library!  They all center around the theme of books, the library, or words in general, and some titles include “What If Books Had Different Names?”, “The Big-Word Girl”, “Are You a Book Person?”, and of course the poem from which the entire collection takes its name.

The illustrations by Kyle M. Stone are something to take note of as well.  You can get an idea of the style by the cover art, and the book is just filled with more!  The vividly colored paintings nicely illustrate the poems in an interesting and beautiful way.  They help point out some of the more subtle ideas within the poem for the child reader/listener.  All together, it really works well and will keep the kids engaged.

Please Bury Me in the Library
by J. Patrick Lewis
Gulliver Books / Harcourt, 2005
32 pages
Source:  Library
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2 thoughts on “Book Review: "Please Bury Me in the Library" by J. Patrick Lewis

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  1. I'm no poetry expert either. I am teaching a poetry unit-how to write it-for the 1st time ever. We started it today in my 5th grade class. It is SO much fun so far. We started with shape poems. 🙂

    This book sounds so delightful. In fact, I might need to tell my husband that a library is exactly where I want to be buried!!!!



  2. Glad I'm not the only one who's not very familiar with poetry! The last week of this semester will be spent discussing children's poetry and how to evaluate it, and I'm looking forward to learning a few pointers!


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