Book Review: "The Dead and Buried" by Kim Harrington

book cover image of The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington

Jade Kelley is so happy with her family’s recent move, that she doesn’t even mind starting her senior year at a new high school. She wasn’t really leaving all that much behind anyway. Besides, she loves the new house. Well, she did – right up until her little brother confesses to seeing a girl-ghost in his room. Jade soon discovers that her family got such a great deal on the house because a girl, Kayla Sloane, had fallen to her death on the stairs a few months earlier. Only the ghost sends Jade a message – a very clear message – that Kayla didn’t fall, she was pushed. And if Jade doesn’t figure out who pushed her, someone Jade cares about will “fall” too.

Where do I begin? Jade is awesome. Just the right amount of smart and sassy. She is strong and independent and loyal. She doesn’t just swoon when a cute guy starts paying her some attention – she cares more about the person than their reputation. She meets some interesting people/suspects – Kane, the smart jock who was always in love with Kayla even though she never thought of him that way; Alexa, the super smart, kind of nerdy outcast who was in heavy competition with Kayla for Class Valedictorian; Faye, Kayla’s closest friend though that may not really mean much; Mr. Tucker, the creepy older man who lives alone next door and just always seems to be watching Jade; and Donovan, Kayla’s most recent boyfriend who is artsy, has eyes to kill for, and also happens to be the last person to see Kayla alive. Oh, but let’s not forget Kayla herself. Yes, she was the Queen Bee of the school, but she was also the ultimate mean girl.

I think my favorite thing about this book is the way it kept me guessing. I starting looking at everyone as a suspect – which is kind of cheating, because if you suspect everyone then you’re bound to be right when all is revealed. But I honestly had no idea. THEN, when the truth becomes obvious, look out. The conclusion is intense and fast – or maybe that was just me, flipping through the pages as fast as I could! I really liked the overall creepy factor – not overbearingly so and offset with some snarky and some sweet moments. I was glued to the story and read it basically in one sitting. I guess all I’m saying that I really liked this book, and I hope you do too!

The Dead and Buried
by Kim Harrington
Point/Scholastic, 2012
295 pages
Source:  Purchased New
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  1. This sounds like such a great story. I love ghost stories and I've heard Harrington is an awesome writer! I'm glad that the MC was a good mix of smart and sassy (I love sassiness in my books, it adds some great humour). Great review!


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