Book Review: "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell

book cover image of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

The year is 1999. Businesses are just starting to understand the importance of monitoring employee’s online habits, though no one is sure exactly how to go about that the right way. Lincoln O’Neill has been hired on at the local newspaper for the purpose of reading employee emails and enforcing the policy of “no personal emails”. During the course of his work, he discovers Beth and Jennifer – two friends who work at the paper and who completely disregard the company policy regarding email usage. Lincoln starts reading their messages, and actively decides not to even give them a warning. He enjoys their conversations, their humor… and then finds himself thinking more and more about one of them. He is startled to realize that he may be developing feelings for her, but how could he possibly act on those feelings, given the manner in which he first got to know her?

This is such a fun read! I really loved the relationship between Beth and Jennifer. Just like Lincoln, we primarily get to know them through their email exchanges. They have such a great friendship; they are very open and supportive of each other, and each have a great sense of humor. They are easy to like, and you feel like you are friends with them too. It just falls into place how Lincoln could feel such an attraction to a person through their email; by only knowing how she feels and thinks and not having any idea of what she looks like. You can also see Lincoln’s dilemma, because how could he possibly approach her knowing all that he already knows about her? Lincoln is a great character. He has his own issues, almost like he has been stunted in his social development as an adult. However he really starts to re-evaluate where he is in his life and starts to make some positive changes. It makes him even more endearing, and you really want him to have something really good…. even if the situation looks impossible to overcome.

I really enjoyed this book. I was honestly laughing out loud on page 2! It is a great, light read – perfect sitting poolside, or even a rainy day!

by Rainbow Rowell
Plume, 2011
323 pages
Source:  Purchased
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  1. Sounds like a fun novel when the brain is not ready for heavy literary fiction or the mood for something lighter and just as entertaining strikes 🙂 It actually reminded me of Fiona Walker's Lucy Talk.


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