Book Review: "Island of Lost Girls" by Jennifer McMahon

book cover image of Island of Lost Girls

Rhonda is on her way to a job interview when she stops for gas at her small Vermont town’s Mini Mart.  She is also hoping to see Peter, of course, but he strangely took the day off.  What she does see though is quite disturbing – a person in a rabbit costume kidnap a little girl, right in front of her eyes.  She freezes, stunned by what she sees, unable to even get the license plate of the rabbit’s vehicle.  She helps with the investigation as best she can, even while it brings up memories of her past and of her best friend who went missing years ago.  Rhonda becomes conflicted again when the evidence starts pointing to Peter.  He couldn’t have done it, could he?

I always enjoy Jennifer McMahon’s books (and their covers – creepy!).  This is the third or fourth of hers that I’ve read, and they are always fun, twisty and a little out there.  She always seems to place the past against the present as a way to show how connected it all is, and she does it in a new and exciting way each time.  The mystery element is realistic and I just enjoy them immensely.

This book in particular is McMahon’s sophomore effort, and while I liked her debut and later works, this one won’t go down as a favorite.  I liked Rhonda and I loved the stories for her past.  I just felt like the overall story just wrapped up a little too quickly and easily.  It wasn’t so much of a “NO WAY!” as a “Oh, okay.  I get it.” and I kind of expected more.  I guessed the secrets a little too quickly, and was right so therefore got annoyed when the characters I liked didn’t get it.  I suppose that will happen when reading one particular author and not in the order of book releases.  But you can still count me as a fan.  She has a new book, The One I Left Behinddue out in January 2013!

Island of Lost Girls
by Jennifer McMahon
Harper, 2008
255 pages
Source:  Purchased Used
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  1. Emma, I've reviewed both of her “Promise Not To Tell” and Don't Breathe A Word” here on the blog. (You can find them easily under the reviews by author tab toward the top). I would probably read them in that order… They are her first published and most recently published novels. Hope you like them!

    For the record – I have one more by her, Dismantled, on my TBR bookcase 🙂


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