"Hourglass" by Myra McEntire

Seventeen year old Emerson has had it rough in her teenaged years.  About four years ago, she began hallucinating.  She was seeing dead people, and was having difficulty deciphering who was real, and who was not.  It was getting embarrassing for her and deeply troubling to those around her.  Not long after the visions began, her parents were tragically killed in an accident.  Orphaned and becoming mental unstable, she was committed to a psych ward, and then finally went to live with her older brother and his wife.  Her brother hired a consultant, Michael, who promises he can help Emerson with her visions, and possibly even cure her.  Michael and Emerson connect instantly, and he not only believes in Emerson’s hallucinations – he can see them too.  He understands exactly what Emerson is going through.  He tells her what is really happening, and what it all means…not to mention how dangerous a position they could be in. 
First of all, I have to say that I LOVED this cover from the first time I saw it.  It really grabs you and makes you pay attention.  Also, it kind of blew my five year olds mind – and that was fun too.  But I hadn’t read it yet.  While talking with a couple book blogger friends recently, I think they both nearly fell off their seats when I said I hadn’t read this book yet.  Such a strong reaction required action on my part, and I ordered the book the next day.  I let them know when it arrived, and they very clearly urged me to push it to the top of the list, and I could thank them later.  Well, thank you Gail and Jen.  I’m not sure when I would have gotten to this book if you hadn’t been so persuasive – and then I would have missed out on a great book!
I think the first thing that really clicked for me was Emerson’s character.  She was on the mend from being so thoroughly broken mentally, but she was still so strong and full of just enough Southern sass (even if she seems to blush more than most).  I liked her relationships; with her brother and sister in law, and particularly with her best friend Lily.  She and Lily make perfect best friends, and I hope Lily becomes a stronger player in future books of this series.  And then there is Michael.  Who doesn’t love a tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious leading man?  I liked how his and Emerson’s relationship evolved.  It was a good balance of fun and frustrating.  I also got a kick out of his jealous side. 
But the heart of this is a great spin on the classic science fiction theme of time travel.  It is done in a fun modern way with a nice romantic side and a surprise twist in the end.  Yes, I cried toward the end.  I do that.  Now, I can’t wait for the next installment of the series! 

by Myra McEntire
Egmont, 2011
390 pages
Series:  Hourglass #1
Source:  Purchased new

Also available at The Book Depository
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