"Delirium" by Lauren Oliver

This book arrived on my doorstep about a week or so ago.  I have no idea how the publisher came to have my address – I can only assume that I won some one’s giveaway, but I don’t know who.  So, if you are reading this, and know that I was somehow picked to receive this book – please let me know so that I may thank you properly.  I really enjoyed this book!

I get the impression that this is set in the future, although it seems that there really haven’t been all that many technological advances – except for the cure.  The United States has cut itself off from the rest of the world; it’s cities from the rest of their land.  But the cure?  The cure makes everything better, as the citizens are taught to believe.  They have found the cure for that pesky little thing called love, and for all it’s perilous side effects – such as passion, desire, emotional thought and even questioning what you are being told.  Seventeen-year old Lena and her best friend Hana cannot wait to be cured.  No one of their age group can – it means they will be safe from the “disease”, they will be paired with their husbands, and their life will go on happily without any of those annoying sad feelings (or any real feeling at all).  The girls are enjoying their last summer together, because after the cure, they probably won’t even really care about each other either – despite being inseparable since second grade.  But things start happening that summer….  and the do start to question things……   and life is never the same.

This book almost made me do something I never do – sneak a peek at the back to see how it ends.  I was so anxious to see what happens to Lena, that I almost did it.  I resisted though, and I am glad.  I still wanted to shout at the end – but that’s different.  There are two more books scheduled in this series, and I am looking forward to them!  Oliver has created an unusual world in this book – a world that is trying to erase love, but still includes those that question that way of thinking.  I can see where the next book will start, but I haven’t a clue as to where it will finish!

As I got this book unexpectedly, I think I want to pass on the good fortune.  Recently I posted about a new program on swap.com that makes it easy to donate books to school classrooms and libraries.  The program is called Swap4Schools and I am going to try to find a school looking for this book, and donate it.  If for some reason I can’t make that work (it is a very new program with few schools signed up), then I will likely give it away here.

by Lauren Oliver
HarperCollins, 2011
441 pages


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