"The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest" by Stieg Larsson

I’m done.  I finally finished this book, and thus, The Millennium Trilogy.  I know I will be giving away some spoilers in this post, either of this book or of the previous books, but honestly – how else can I really talk about the finale of a trilogy?

From the start, I have not been totally in love with these books.  Sure, immediately after finishing them I thought they were enjoyable…  but as time went on….  I’m not so sure.   Maybe I should sit on these books before writing a review, but I am too impatient to start another book.  But having read the first too books, I couldn’t leave this book on my nightstand unread.

This book picks up immediately where The Girl Who Plays With Fire left off.  As in the very same night.  Lisbeth is in terrible medical condition, Mikael is in police custody, and we are at the beginning of unraveling the entire Zalanchenko Affair.  This was by far my least favorite book of the series.  300 pages in, and nothing exciting happened, and new characters (with their entire life histories) were still being introduced.  I suppose in most government conspiracy novels, the beauty is in the details….  well Larsson didn’t miss much in the details.  He still feels necessary to describe just about everything people are eating and wearing.  There is a whole tangent subplot about Erika Berger that I really could have cared less about.  Once I hit the 300 page mark, Lisbeth got to work, and finally it started to get interesting.  The story snowballed until we reached the conclusion of the entire conspiracy – about 80 pages from the end of the book (there was one little loophole that needed to be closed – but I was already satisfied with the conclusion).  I think this only proves that this sort of novel/genre just isn’t my thing.

On a sad note, the book is perfectly set up to continue the series…  but as we all know, Larsson passed away  upon completion of this book.  Its a shame for those who really got into it.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest
by Stieg Larsson
Knopf, 2010
563 pages

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  1. Sounds like a good read, but it's too bad that it remins somewhat inconclusive. Maybe like Robert Ludlum's 3rd Bourne book, someone will pick up the series? Old follower hopping by to say happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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