"The Bedwetter" by Sarah Silverman

I was so excited to get my hands on this book!  I love Sarah Silverman – I think she’s hilarious.  I couldn’t wait to dig into this book, and well…  I didn’t  I think it sat in “the pile” for less than 12 hours before I got into it.   The first half of this book is laugh-out-loud funny.  It is so true to her, that you can literally hear her voice on the pages.  Then I’m just not sure what happened….  the tempo and rhythm of the book was completely disrupted.  It was almost like a different book, or maybe her editors took over a little bit too much and took her voice out of it, I wouldn’t know.  She got back to some funny, and then it was like she was just trying to find more to say….  The last two chapters were strange, as if her editor said “This is good Sarah, but you need to address your love life and how you feel about being Jewish”.  It read like she needed pages to fill.  Then it was just over…  no real finish (other than an “Afterword” written by God) but it just left me saying “huh?” after such a strong, funny start.  It’s still worth it to read it though, if you are looking for some laughs….  at least the first half.

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