"The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner" by Stephenie Meyer

This is a novella that accompanies the “Twilight” saga… of which you already know, I am obsessed. So, naturally, I went out and bought this book yesterday, the day it was released. It truly is a novella, less than 200 pages, and I read it in roughly 3.5 hours – while doing work as well. It could have easily been read in 2 hours or less, without those pesky phone calls!

Anyway, this story follows Bree Tanner’s short vampire life…. She is briefly introduced in “Eclipse”, but here we see her back story; her thought processes…. what it is really like to be a newborn vampire in Stephenie Meyer’s world. There are some new revelations, insight, and then a pang of sorrow – as you really get to like this girl, but already know how her story ends.
So, yes of COURSE, I loved it… and will likely reread it as I read the entire saga over and over again…. I already feel the need to just reread the “Bree” part of “Eclipse” immediately… like as soon as I finish this entry. That will likely lead to rereading all of “Eclipse”, which I may not be able to do without rereading “Twilight”, then “New Moon”…. well, you know how it goes. It is what it is.

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