"Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout

This was an interesting read, as it is not a straight-forward novel. Instead, this book tells not the story of, but rather about the life of Olive Kitteridge through short stories. I’m not sure how many stories there were (I don’t feel like going back and counting) but maybe around a dozen or so. Some were told through the perspective of Olive herself; a tough older woman who has lived through enough to keep a hard shell up around others. Some of the stories were told from the perspective of neighbor in their small coastal Maine town, perhaps a former student of Olive’s all grown up now… or even by her loyal, loving husband Henry. The lives interconnected with Olive’s in different ways.. and I’ll admit that by the last story, I couldn’t remember how one particular person factored in earlier in the book… but it wasn’t entirely important in that moment. This was a good read; an different way to inspect one character’s life, and I liked it.

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