"Wish" by Melina Gerosa Bellows

Ok, so I hadn’t put any book reviews up in a little bit. Its not that I haven’t been reading…. I just re-read the Twilight saga again… this time more slowly. I had to go through it again to get it out of my head, if that makes any sense. I still absolutely love it… but I think I can move on to read other books now.

I chose this book to be next on the recommendation of a friend. I was worried that it wouldn’t help me lose my Twilight obsession, as the lead in this book is also named Bella. But I got past that, as this is a very different kind of character. This book follows Bella’s life from about age 8 to almost 40…. struggling to accept herself for who she is, especially with respect for her autistic twin brother. This started out really funny, and got more serious as it wore on, as she grew into the more seriousness of adulthood. Throughout the book are funny pop-culture references (which I loved). This was a good, fast-paced book that I did enjoy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, read that is easy to get into and won’t tug too hard on your heartstrings.

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